• Pricing and Market Access Strategies
    We compile strategic pricing and market exit strategies through our deep therapeutic and market knowledge. We undertake global work alongside tailoring global strategies to MEA markets to facilitate the optimal entry strategy in each market.
  • Product Distribution and Registration
    We work with a range of small to midsize manufacturers and support with operational market entry; we allocate distributors according to expertise, availability and capability, and support product registration to enable faster market access.
  • Communication and Marketing Strategies
    We develop and test product value messages and value stories used in communications with key stakeholders, and optimise the limited opportunities that are available for interactions with key product influencers.
  • Market Sizing and Launch Strategy
    We help clients optimise growth strategies by identifying geographical market sizes within specific therapeutic areas. Based on a robust data sources, we use disease incidence, prescription or test patterns, and competitive information to reach to identifiable client opportunities.
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Prioritization
    We define and deliver target lists of the optimal decision markets for product success, looking at prescribers, key access and reimbursement stakeholders, and any other key influencers. We map out the relationship between these decision makers to show the importance of each within the product launch strategy.
  • Contracting and Patient Access Schemes
    We help our clients understand what types of contract are enforceable with key healthcare bodies and conduct mock negotiations to help them prepare for all contingencies. We also focus on optimising patient access through identifying the key programmes that would enable the broadest patient access.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    We identify the optimal routes to market and provide a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements and pathways, and ensure manufacturers are able to prepare for submissions dates leading to significantly faster access time lines.
  • Consumer Segmentation and Targeting
    We use a data driven approach to help clients understand what customers fall into priority segments within specific markets and further help to identify which segments should be targeted to a greater extent in order to boost sales and uptake.
  • Clinical Trial Development
    We design and test clinical trial plans in order to ensure that plans are in line with regulatory requirements and that the endpoints defined are those that will drive the greatest product price and access.
  • Drug and Device Manufacturers
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Consumer Health Companies

We provide solutions to key stakeholders of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

We conduct primary and secondary research to gain market insights and present recommendations to meet client objectives.